Law Of Attraction - MASTER CLASS 2 Joe Dispenza Bob Proctor Wayne Dyer Kevin Trudeau

Garry Knight
Garry Knight
16 Oct 2021

INFORMATION APPLICATION TRANSFORMATION Speakers Dr Joe Dispenza Bob Proctor Wayne Dyer Kevin Trudeau The Law of Attraction MasterClass 2 The Law of Vibration I created this video to explain and help people understand the primary law - the law of vibration - and how if interacts with and effects the secondary law - the law of attraction The law of attraction is a powerful law that can collapse time and space into new reality at super speed if we understand on a subconscious level how to stay tuned in at the right frequency The law of attraction will only work to the degree of attention and awareness we can place on the reality that we want to manifest observer effect - changing the behaviour of subatomic structure based on our observation the duration of that intention the amplitude of the emotion tied to that intention and how use the instrument of the mind the body to position ourselves in order to create the actions that set up the attraction 00 00 - 07 00 Bob Proctor Bob Proctor explains the law of vibration and its relationship to the law of attraction This is fundamental knowledge of the law of attraction One must understand how to use the mind the emotions and the body All too often people forget the most important fact about the law of vibration and attraction that it's the instrument of the mind the body that is used to set up the attraction To believe that the mind alone sets up the attraction is a belief system that only leads people to un-manifested dreams claiming that the law of attraction does not work The law works if you work it If your thoughts are consistent enough they will set up the emotional charge gravitational pull and activate the body to position itself into a place of receivership If we don t actively move your body toward your vision of the future the vision will die 07 30 - 14 50 Dr Joe Dispenza Joe Dispenza talks about how we often spend a large majority of our lives responding to the external stimuli of the environment which causes us to live in stress or at the very least knocks our frequency off of what is required in order to create a new reality for ourselves As important as it is to understand the law of attraction and how the law of attraction works it is equally important to understand how to stay tuned in to the right frequency by not allowing ourselves to be victims of the environment reacting emotionally to people or events or circumstances but rather choosing to believe in our thoughts more than the feedback from our third dimensional reality and responding in a way that upholds the frequency of our intention 15 00 - 18 35 Wayne Dyer - Part 1 Wayne Dyer talks about the power of reprogramming your subconscious mind especially during the night while you sleep Sealing instructions before you sleep into your mind is an extremely powerful way of bypassing the analytical mind going straight into the subconscious Our subconscious mind is the vibration that we are sending out consistently 24 7 so investing time into reprogramming it is one of the most essential ways of becoming harmoniously synchronised with the law of attraction 18 40 - 27 00 Kevin Trudeau Kevin talks about the power of awareness and how if effects what we manifest in our lives We often spend waste so much of our lives and attention looking around our immediate environment and letting what we see in the third dimension dictate our thoughts of reality and what is possible for us In order to attract what we want and manifest the life we deserve we need to rise above the radar screen and believe in the power of the laws of the universe 27 10 - 30 40 Wayne Dyer - Part 2 A five minute affirmation to listen to just before dozing off to sleep These words are truly beautiful I could wish for nothing more than for my soul to marinate on these instructions every night while I sleep We are spirit we are a part of God and the law of attraction awaits our instruction every day --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music licensed through Jonathan Slatter a https 3A 2F 2Fwww youtube com 2Fuser 2FJonathanSlatterMusic a Bd Productions a https 3A 2F 2Fwww youtube com 2Fuser 2Fbdransf1 a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Footage licensed through a www videoblocks a I own the commercial rights to use all music footage used in this production speaker audio used under fair use LawOfAttraction Masterclass LawOfVibration

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